Erb, Peter C.

Johann Conrad Beissel and the Ephrata Community Mystical and Historical Texts
1985 0-88946-658-0
Explores one of the more radical and eclectic manifestations of the subterranean world of pietism in the Middle Colonies, the movement centered in Pennsylvania's Ephrata Community, a semi-monastic colony organized in 1732 by Johann Conrad Beissel.

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THE CHRISTOLOGY OF CASPAR SCHWENCKFELD Spirit and Flesh in the Process of Life Transformation
1987 0-88946-820-6
A translation of Séguenny's 1975 Homme charnel, Homme spirituel. Etude sur la christologie de Caspar Schwenckfeld (1489-1561), with a preface by André Séguenny in which he gives his reasons for leaving this work unrevised. In this study Séguenny places Schwenckfeld's theology between Catholicism and Protestantism, arguing that Schwenckfeld's theology can be understood better in relation to the Renaissance, Christian humanism, and Erasmus than to the Reformation and Luther.

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