Dewan, Pauline

Pauline Dewan received her Ph.D. in English from York University.

Art of Place in Literature for Children and Young Adults: How Locale Shapes a Story
2010 0-7734-3762-2
This book examines the fairy-tale as a significant influence on place in the literature. The rapid development of children’s fiction in the nineteenth century occurred shortly after the widespread circulation of fairy tales. Fairy tales are a particularly concrete, visual, and cinematic form of writing, a genre in which place plays a significant role. Children’s authors use fictional landscapes in a variety of traditional and innovative ways to create compelling, powerful texts.

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House as Setting, Symbol, and Structural Motif in Children’s Literature
2004 0-7734-6462-X
This study examines the function and significance of houses in children’s literature, concentrating on a close reading of a large number of representative texts. The houses that children live in, move to or visit in these novels are especially striking and unforgettable. Throughout the fiction the house is a dominant setting, occupying a prominent place and producing a powerful imaginative impact upon the reader. This book addresses the need for a comprehensive examination of the symbolic and structural patterns of domestic settings in children’s literature. It was written especially for those who would like to see children’s literature placed in the same context and judged by the same criteria as its adult counterpart.

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