Pepin, Paulette L.

About the author: Paulette L. Pepin earned a PhD from Fordham University in medieval history. Since 1994 she has been the social studies coordinator for the Education Department at the University of New Haven, where she also teaches European and United States history.

Conciliar Church Policy During the Reign of Fernando IV, King of Castile-Leon, 1295-1312
2002 0-7734-6858-7
This study examines the relationship between the clergy and the monarchy, and the clergy’s attempts to guard their rights. It examines the four provincial councils (May 1310 at Toro, August 1310 at Alcalá de Henares, October 1310 at Salamanca, and July 1311 at Zamora) which played a significant role in the reassertion of the Castilian and Leonese prelates’ libertas ecclesiastica and the suppression of the Order of the Templars in Castile.

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