Hoyt-O'Connor, Paul

About the author: Paul Hoyt-O’Connor received his BA in Philosophy and History from Fordham University and his PhD in Philosophy at Boston College. Most recently, he was Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Humanities at Spalding University. His articles have appeared in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, International Philosophical Quarterly, and Method: A Journal of Lonergan Studies.

Bernard Lonergan’s Macroeconomic Dynamics
2004 0-7734-6413-1
While there has been growing interest in Lonergan’s economics among scholars of his work, there has been relatively little published on those writings, partly because they have not been widely available before their publication in the Collected Works. This work contributes toward Lonergan studies, situating Lonergan’s economic analysis in terms of his early and more mature philosophy of history. This book examines Bernard Lonergan’s essays in terms of his reflections upon human history and society and as contributing to the discussions regarding the free and democratic constitution of exchange economies. It aims to contribute to the wider discussion among moral and political philosophers and theologians concerning the responsible direction and constitution of economic life.

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