Petruzzi, Paul Anthony
Drew University

Dr. Paul Anthony Petruzzi earned a Doctor of Letters from Drew University. He is a team leader and liaison with academic authors and investigators. Dr. Petruzzi became intrigued by the notion of the physician-poet because a 25-year career working with physicians on scientific and academic publications.

How Their Medical Knowledge Shaped the Poetry of Two Physician Poets: John Keats and William Carlos Williams
2017 1-4955-0593-6
There is an influence of medical training and practice on the perspective and voice in the poetry written by physicians, " a medical perspective." This medical perspective requires keen skills of observation and synthesis, and, like poetry, results in the creation of new concepts from seemingly unrelated elements. This is the case with John Keats, William Carlos Williams, and a host of contemporary physician poets.

This work examines the poets and poetry through the lens of the medical perspective, the synthesizing element between medical practice and poetic imagination.

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