Ramos Anderson, Patricia T.

Patricia T. Ramos Anderson teaches Spanish language and literature courses in the Hispanic Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She completed her Ph.D. in Spanish Medieval Literature at Boston College.

Las Siete Partidas, Tƍtulo Ii, ā€œde Los Casamientosā€ De Alfonso X, El Sabio: EdiciƓn Crƍtica Y ExposiciƓn Analƍtica
2010 0-7734-3837-8
This is the first in-depth study of Title II, Book IV of Alfonse X the Wise, a legal document based on the canonical laws that infiltrated the social life of thirteenth century Spain. It is a valuable scope to the history and development of the philosophical doctrines and theological mentality of the Latin Fathers of the Church that molded every aspect of the matrimonial behavior for the Christians during the Middle Ages.
In Spanish.

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