Smith, Patricia

About the author: Patricia Smith, osf, a Sister of St. Francis of Philadelphia, received her PhD/JCD at Saint Paul University. She is presently a part-time faculty member at Neumann College, Aston, PA. She also serves as a canonical consultant and as judge in the tribunal of the Dioceses of Wilmington.

Theoretical and Practical Understanding of the Integral Reordering of Canon Law
2002 0-7734-7264-9
This groundbreaking study is the first work done on the topic of the integral reordering of canon law as a means of its revocation. Using an analytical methodology, it explores integral reordering in the traditio canonica as well as its contemporary understanding. It also presents a hierarchical model for evaluating juridic documents and the norms within them. Based on the research presented in the initial chapter, the second section formulates rules that serve as indicators in determining if a specific juridic document, institute, or norm has been integrally reordered and thereby revoked. The final chapter applies the rules of integral reordering to a specific example of ecclesiastical law, namely, the law that binds members of religious institutes. This section includes a survey of juridic documents of the universal church that have impacted religious law since the time of the Second Vatican Council. The work offers a comprehensive working definition of integral reordering, and concludes with relevant and related canonical questions which take th reader beyond the scope of the study. It will prove a valuable reference for other canonists.

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