Norman, Paralee

About the author: Dr. Paralee Norman received her PhD from The University of Iowa, Iowa City. She has taught at Northwestern State since 1979. She is the editor of Council Notes, official newsletter of the Louisiana council of teachers of English, has directed two NEH-LEH Summer Teachers’ Institutes, and has published and presented numerous contributions in literature and writing.

Marmion Wilme Savage 1804-1872: Dublin’s Victorian Satirist
2000 0-7734-7689-X
Marmion Savage wrote in Dublin during the notorious potato famines; criticizing extremes of political intellectual behavior which he believed were taking his homeland into the wrong directions. His five novels express these ideas, leaving few groups unscathed, including nearly all major Irish factions, political or not, many of the English, and even Americans from whose gigantic ‘wilderness’ and the resulting plethora of working class people’s dangers he wished to save his starving countrymen. This unbiased critical biography, based on twenty years of research, erases years of scholarly neglect, piecing together fragments of truth and falsehood.. For the first time, his persistent use of light satire is defined and recognized. He wrote multi-subgeneric novels with one dominant mode, a form typical in Victorian fiction. These are analyzed and explained, with brief summaries of his five long novels (now out of print), and illustrated in detail. The study includes a complete modern collected bibliography, a summary of all known criticism from his times, with detailed appendices, which includes an index.

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