Coletta, Paolo

Admiral Marc A. Mitscher and U. S. Naval Aviation Bald Eagle
1997 0-7734-8676-3
This biography of Admiral Marc Mitscher follows him from his days at the Naval Academy through his days in two World Wars: commanding three naval air stations during WWI, and then as Commander Fleet Air for many missions in the east during WWII, including the Battle of Midway, the Marianas, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Following WWII, he served as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air) and finally as Commander, Atlantic Fleet. He was the first aviator to make admiral and fill combat commands. This book will be of interest to scholars of the two world wars, as well as of U.S. Naval and Air history. Includes many photographs and maps.

Price: $299.95

Admiral William A. Moffett and U. S. Naval Aviation
1997 0-7734-8595-3
Admiral William A. Moffett graduated from the Naval Academy in 1890, served at sea and ashore for 22 years before he saw aircraft operate with the fleet. He administered a large aviation unit while commanding the US Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, and from 1918 to 1920 he commanded the battleship Mississippi, which carried aircraft. After that he became the Director of Naval Aviation and then the first Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, in 1921.He was killed in the sea crash of the dirigible Akron in 1933. Includes a bibliography of Moffett's major published writings and speeches, and illustrations.

Price: $219.95

Allied and American Naval Operations in the European Theater: World War I
1996 0-7734-8883-9
This book offers conclusions drawn from the study of the contributions of sea power to Allied/American victory in WWI. While naval strategy and tactics are considered, great emphasis has been placed upon the American bridge of ships that made logistic support for the Allies possible. Details have been garnered from the study of records in the Italian Naval History Office, British Naval Defense Library, and a host of American, British, French, and Italian archival and manuscript collections in addition to many secondary works and articles. Includes 48 pages of maps and photographs.

Price: $339.95