Chirumbolo, Paolo

Dr. Paolo Chirumbolo is Assistant Professor of Italian at Louisiana State University, where he is the director of the Italian Program.

La Rappresentazione del Paesaggio Nella Letteratura e Nel Cinema dell'italia Contemporanea / The Representation of Landscape in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema
2013 0-7734-4550-1
This book shows how landscape, place, and territory play a crucial role in all forms of aesthetic communication. Whether real, mythological, fantastic, allegorical, or symbolic, they are essential constituents of the verbal and visual construction of an artwork. The authors show how space determines narrative plots and shapes emotional, rational, and social tendencies of any aesthetic expression. The analysis has shifted from the principles of mimesis to recent critical attention given to specific perspectives in different cultural lenses. This volume, edited by two enterprising scholars especially interested in mapping new trends in Italian literature and cinema, is a brilliant collection of theoretical and analytical essays. These writings explore the issues of aesthetics from a plurality of angles related to the literary and cinematic treatment of space.

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