Ayoub, Omaima M.

Omaima M. Ayoub is an ESL Instructor teaching at Harry S. Truman College, Richard J. Daley College, and Moraine Valley College. She received her Master of Arts degrees in English and Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University.

Hybrid Identity Construction of a Sufi Muslim and Arab Immigrant to the United States
2007 0-7734-5284-2
This study examines the relationship between language and culture in the case of a college instructor whose identity is a blend of three different backgrounds (Sufi Muslim, Arab, and American); each of which is unique in the way it informs other parts of the individual’s identity, as well as the informant’s worldviews. By analyzing and interpreting data gathered from lectures, town-hall meetings, and interviews with the informant, the author seeks to illustrate how an immigrant’s native language and culture influence the construction of his hybrid identity as he function in different social arenas.

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