Bresky, Oleg

Dr. Oleg Bresky is the head of the Legal Studies Department at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania. He obtained his Ph.D in 2001 in Lomonsov Moscow State University for his doctoral thesis: “Constitutional Basis of Regional Policy”.

Political, Linguistic, and Religious Boundaries as Distinctive Creative Space: Why New Ideas are Generated in Border Lands
2012 0-7734-2926-3
The term “Pogranichie” is the Russian language equivalent to the English term “borderland” and this work studies how borderlands serve as distinctively creative spaces for cultural exchange. The book studies how social interactions occur in post-soviet bloc countries that try to democratize, and presents a model for Eastern European development. If there is a lack of actorship in social processes and communication is broken off, then development cannot occur. The authors look at what circumstances promote agency and actorship which in turn changes the dynamic of the entire Pogranichie community. All of the changes occurring in Eastern Europe are happening at an incredibly rapid rate and the acceleration of change allows forward and backward thinking forces to take hold.

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