Tyrras, Nicholas

Nicholas Tyrras received his Ph.D. in Russian literature from the University of British Columbia, which included a year’s study in Moscow at MGU. Dr. Tyrras has taught Russian language, literature and culture at the University of Victoria, and continues to teach at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Historical and Ideological Aspects in the Prose and Dramatic Works of the Soviet Writer A. N. Tolstoi, 1882-1945
2002 0-7734-7214-2
This study examines Tolstoi’s thinking and how Soviet fluctuations in ideology affected interpretations of Russian history the 1920s, 30s, and 40’s. It contains a biographical sketch of A. N. Tolstoi, and examines his short stories, the novel Petr I, and his historical plays Smert’ Dantona [Danton’s Death], Liubov’ – kniga zolotaia [Love is a Golden Book], three versions of Petr I, and Ivan Groznyi [Ivan the Terrible].

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Letters of Life in an Aristocratic Russian Household Before and After the Revolutionary Coles and Princess Vera Urusov
2000 0-7734-7776-4
These letters, written over thirty-five years apart, may be read as chronicles from daily life in Russia. The letters by Amy Coles reflect a contemporary Englishwoman’s perspective on life in a Russian household from 1879-1883. Four decades later, her pupil, Princess Vera, chronicled the ruin and mortal danger that had befallen her and her mother following the Russian revolution. The juxtaposition of the letters reveals the enormous contrasts between privilege and persecution, comfort and penury, security and the threat of imminent death. These are historical accounts by eyewitnesses to Russian life before and after the revolution. With photographs.

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2010 0-7734-3849-1
Although new histories of Russia, often reflecting the author’s cultural slant, appear regularly, there is a dearth of books that explain the Russian perspective. This work takes the opposite approach by acquainting readers with some of the foremost ideas in Russian cultural history. This book contains twelve color photographs and sixteen black and white photographs.

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