Stevenson, Nicholas G.

Nicholas Stevenson received his B.A. in Ancient History from Macquarie University. He then went on to complete a DipEd from U.T.S. Kuring-Gai, before returning to Macquarie University to complete an MA in Ancient Languages. He then subsequently completed another B.A., this time in Special Education from Flinders University. During this time, Nicholas Stevenson has focused his research on the period of the reign of Constantine the Great, specifically on the ancient sources for this important period. Nicholas Stevenson currently works at Fisher Road Special School, where he is an Assistant Principal and Teacher. He is now busily engaged in translating Sahidic Coptic texts dealing with Constantine’s reign.

English Translation and Commentary on Origo Constantini Imperatoris/ How Constantine Became Emperor (the Anonymus Valesianus: Pars Prior) Together with a Critical Textual Analysis of the Later Christian Interpretations
2015 1-4955-0283-X
An inspiring new addition to the translated literature on the Constantine era. This work appeals to a broad audience and is a godsend to scholars and students interested in the historical biography of Constantine the Great and the correlating studies of late antiquity and early Christianity.

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