Kearney, Milo

Dr. Milo Kearney got his Ph.D. in Medieval History from The University of California at Berkeley.

Historical Roots of Medieval Literature Battle and Ballad
1992 0-7734-9536-3
The powerful works contained in this study form an epic all their own - a literary triumph whose roots lie in the anxieties and aspirations of the societies which gave them birth. Included for study: Celtic fairy tales and nursery rhymes; Irish bardic literature; the Britano-Welsh material (the Mabinogion); the Germanic epic; Latin Christian verse; Angle poetry; the Icelandic Saga; the crusading epic; medieval religious dramas; Academic satire; French and German Chivalric literature; Italian Franciscan revival verse; the social crisis literature of the 14th century; and the despondent verse of the dying Middle Ages.

Price: $319.95

Role of Swine Symbolism in Medieval Literature Blanc Sanglier
1991 0-7734-9682-3
The pig has probably evoked more unexplained extremes of human emotions than any other animal. What are the possible origins of the symbolism attached to this animal? Has it ever been viewed differently? In a light tone, with alliteration and bantering humor, many original theories are presented to show how our western heritage subconscious associations toward the pig have developed.

Price: $239.95

The Soterial Age
2009 0-7734-4839-X
This book seeks to achieve a better understanding of Jesus and of the birth of Christianity by placing them in the context of twenty-some living World Saviors and Messiahs who appeared in the first century-and-a-half of the Roman Empire (here defined as the Soterial Age or the Age of Saviors).

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