Chaban, Michele

Dr. Chaban received her PhD from the University of Wales. She also holds degrees in Social Work with a specialization in Health Care - Oncology and Palliative Care. She is currently the Clinical Thanatologist working out of the University of Toronto and the University of Wales. She is also a private practioner and consultant in Hospice/Palliative and End of Life care.

Life Work of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Its Impact on the Death Awareness Movement
1998 0-7734-8302-0
This book suggest that the claims made for Kubler-Ross's work are inflated if not erroneous. It uncovers a history of deception associated with Kubler-Ross's research as well as with her clinical and educational initiatives. This history of deception is particularly poignant because Kubler-Ross's practice may have embodied the very values of denial, deception and inappropriate care which she condemned in normative medicine. This volume traces the history of Kubler-Ross's life work, particularly her history of thought, and challenges the death awareness movement to be more accountable in its care of the dying.

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