Burney, Michael S.

Michael S. Burney began his career in historical archaeology in 1967 as a student of Dr. Roderick Sprague, while pursuing his B.A. in anthropology at the University of Idaho. He was awarded his M.A. in archaeology in 1971 from the University of Colorado-Boulder. He authored Historical Archaeology of the Big Five Gold Mine in 2014 and, with Darby Stapp, co-authored Tribal Cultural Resource Management: The Full Circle to Stewardship in 2002. Burney continues to be active from his Taos, New Mexico home undertaking archaeological research and fieldwork, along with cultural resource management – most recently in New Mexico and Montana, respectively.

Red River Gold Mines of Northern Taos County, New Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography of Geology, History and Historical Archaeology
2015 1-4955-0330-5
This remarkable compilation is intended as a list of cultural resource management (CRM) sources to be used by investigators pursuing hard-rock gold mining archaeological research and its role in the cultural heritage of the American West. This is an invaluable bibliography for archaeologists, geologists, historians, and miners and has never been available before in one comprehensive text.

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