Andersson, Mette

Dr. Mette Andersson received her doctoral degree in sociology at the University of Bergen, Norway where she is a senior research fellow and also co-director of IMER, a research unit concerned with international migration and ethnic relations. Her international experiences include visiting fellowships at Goldsmiths College, London, and Yale University. In addition to being the author of many articles and reports, she is a regular columnist in a major Norwegian daily paper.

Urban Multi-Culture in Norway: Identity Formation Among Immigrant Youth
2005 0-7734-5986-3
This is a current prime political and scholarly issue in Europe and North America, the fate of migrant youth. Instead of seeing their precarious situation in simplified cultural terms, this book argues that an understanding of their situation has to rest upon an analysis of their everyday life situation. With a focus on the mechanisms of their outsidership and their ways of dealing with it, this book develops a generative model where the different ideal types of migrant youth social organization and mentalities are demonstrated. Resting on a solid empirical study of three migrant youth contexts, a street gang, a Muslim student association, and a sports club, the analysis demonstrates how they all represent specific soluti8ons to the problem of the spatial politics of recognition and misrecognition.

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