Kimbrough, Mary

Louis- antoine De Bougainville, 1729-1811 a Study in French Naval History and Politics
1990 0-88946-744-7
The first biography in English of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, first Frenchman to organize a voyage of discovery around the world. Explores French naval history of the 18th century and Bougainville's place within it. Examines the French research which has been done since 1964 and into which few American scholars have delved. Chapters include "Canada and the Seven Years War," "The Falklands Colony," "Latin-American Interlude," and individual chapters devoted to each phase of Bougainville's journey. Supplemented by numerous maps, bibliography, and index.In Stowe's writings Kimball perceives "a `Protestant Mariology' in which HBS stressed the role of the mother of Jesus. . . . There is valuable information in this book, especially in the third chapter, `Salvation Found in Womanhood.'" - Church History

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Nouveaux MÉmoires IntÉrieurs/more Reflections From the Soul
1991 0-7734-9616-5
In various sections of the Reflections, Mauriac discusses the nature of art, Christianity, childhood recollections, the Nietzschean ethos and many other topics. All of the book's thirteen chapters, plus an epilogue, an untitled section, and finally a postface treat topics which, in their arrangement, seem disparate. What sets this work apart from other reflections on the past is the poetry with which Mauriac infuses every topic. Although his experiences are his own, they evoke similar memories on the part of his reader.

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