Ditton, Mary J.

Dr. Mary Ditton is a Senior Lecturer in Health Management at the University of New England, Australia. She completed her professional doctorate in Health Services Management at University of New England and is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Services Management.

2015 1-4955-0275-9
An innovative book written for the benefit of professionals who, in their various roles, deal with people beset by adversity. These self-narrative stories of adversity ground the ideas within the book to real-life experiences, real-life sorrows, and real-life triumphs. The book looks at adversity from a real-life perspective, not just from the individual’s perspective. The lessons gained from this study are significant for theory and practice in the helping professions.

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Health Rights and Health Problems of Migrants Living in the Thai-Burma Border Region: Narcotics, Debt Bondage, and Refugee Camps
2012 0-7734-2939-5
Understanding migration is fundamental to our modern view of the world. Forced migration is one of the biggest transformative factors of our time. Health rights of migrants are embedded within human rights. Nation states and global agencies are challenged by the movement of people and their duty to uphold health and human rights of asylum seekers and forced migrants. It is important for professionals working in fields of development and migration to comprehend the complexities involved in achieving health for vulnerable populations. This book details the origins of health rights from the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. It analyses health rights as they exist in the real world of forced migration and protracted refugee situations. Migration from Burma to Thailand represents a long established forced migration pattern and lessons are drawn from studying this situation. Moving beyond the limited and failed refugee regimes it is recommended that resources be mobilized to promote migrant self-sufficiency. Sustainable living and aid relief care needs to be administered to promote development strategies with capacity building and democratic processes within migrant groups.

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