Thomas, Marvin E

Dr. Marvin Thomas received his Ph.D. in European History from the Pennsylvania State University. He is currently professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Dr. Thomas is the author of Karl Theodor and the Bavarian Succession, 1777-1778 (Mellen Press 1989). He is a past recipient of the Pitt-Bradford Alumni Association Te4aching Excellence Award.

Karl Theodor and the Bavarian Succession (1777-1778)
1989 0-88946-348-4
This study explores Karl Theodor's goals and plans in the Bavarian Succession, which was the last major diplomatic crisis resolved in ancien-régime Europe.

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Saxon Aspect of the Bavarian Allodial Succession 1777-1779: The History of a Legal Dispute
2015 1-4955-0420-4
This is an in-depth investigation of the Saxon role in the diplomatic processes connected with the Bavarian succession 1777-1779. The lack of male heirs in the succession lines of two important ruling families in Bavaria set off a maelstrom of legal disputes over inheritance rights, cultural customs and treaties. Original documents have been translated and included in the study.

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