Silk, Martine

Martine Silk is both an abstract painter and a poet. She has derived much of her inspiration for her work from her extensive travels. Ms. Silk has lived and worked in England, Japan, and Africa. Currently she resides in Vancouver, BC, where she finds the sea within the city a perfect environment for creativity.

Bears and Other Shadows
1997 0-7734-2821-6
These poems are both nature and relationship oriented. In some cases human relationships interacting with nature overstep the boundaries and interfuse in a passionate awareness and oneness.

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Dream that Becomes Us
2003 0-7734-3490-9
The Dream That Becomes Us illustrates the adventure of an enamored newcomer confronted with the beautiful and gentle culture shock that is Japan. It paints a modern picture of the graceful time-held traditions of Japan’s people and their unique philosophy and way of life. Embedded in and interwoven with this is the personal experience of being a stranger in a strange land. It is written in the Haiku form most appropriate to the subject, and respectful of the traditions of those who made the poet so welcome.

Price: $79.95