Rodgers, Mark E.

About the author: Mark E. Rodgers earned his DSW at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently Director, Associate Professor, and Department Chair of social Work at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey.

Tracing the Civil War Veteran Pension System in the State of Virginia: Entitlement or Privilege
1999 0-7734-8198-2
This study traces the history of the Confederate veteran pension system in Virginia, tracing all relevant state laws that had an impact on Confederate servicemen and their families. Another of the main goals was the development of information on all Confederate veterans and their widows who have received Virginia pension payments. This study will interest state regimental historians, American historians, policy-analysts examining state benefit programs, genealogists, individuals interested in the Civil War, librarians and archivists seeking access to the original veteran pension applications in the Virginia State Library's Archival Department in Richmond, state and Federal-level decision–makers examining the strengths and weaknesses of state-designed, -administered, and –implemented social programs, those interested in the policy process, and researchers interested in the destiny of the military loser. Includes photographs.

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