Bosco, Mark

Rev. Mark Bosco, S.J., holds joint appointments in the Departments of English and Theology at Loyola University Chicago. He received his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Theology and Literature from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. Dr. Bosco’s teaching and research interests lie in the intersection between theological discourse and literary texts, especially those of the British and American Catholic Literary Revival of the twentieth century. He is the author of two books, including most recently Graham Greene’s Catholic Imagination (Oxford University Press, 2005).

Academic Novels as Satire
2007 0-7734-5418-7
This book explores the ways in which academia serves as a repository for contemporary cultural issues, problems, and performances by way of interpretations of academic fiction that observe this phenomenon. Composed by practicing academics who also appreciate satire aimed at their profession, the authors offer this collection as a correction to increasingly cynical portrayals of academic life. Instead the authors provide interpretations that identify satire as a timely and effective genre for critically commenting on the state of academia because it reveals ethical dimensions that engage an ironic voice to negotiate issues of culture and identity. Included among the essays are the results of responses gathered from practicing authors in the genre of academic satire who provide commentary and insights exclusive to this collection.

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