Passaro, Maria C. Pastore

Dr. Maria C. Pastore Passaro earned her Ph.D in Comparative Literature at the Graduate School and University Center, CUNY, her M.A. in Italian from Hunter College, CUNY, and her B.A. from Lehman College, CUNY. Dr. Passaro is currently a Professor at Central Connecticut State University where she has been a faculy member since 1989. Dr. Passaro has published extensively in several literary journals and has achieved several awards for her teaching and research.

Representation of Women in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Texts
2005 0-7734-6293-7
Explores the discussion of the idealization of women in Medieval and Renaissance texts. Book's goals are: to show textual connections between literary masterpieces (and thus, delineate a literary history from within the texts) in order to show how authors consciously or unconsciously interact with one another regardless of time and boundaries; to present biographical and autobiographical heroines, their work and legacy; and finally to grasp man's imaginary world of women.

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