Grieb, Margit

Dr. Margit Grieb is Associate Professor of German at the University of South Florida in the Department of World Languages. She received her Ph.D. in German Studies from the University of Florida.

Using New Media Technologies to Transform German Film. A Study in the Proliferation of Communication Genres
2012 0-7734-2919-0
Addresses the lack of scholarship on the impact of new media on German film. It provides analysis that focuses on cinematic practices and productions and how they have been affected by a variety of technologies. The author narrows her critical focus to specific examples that illustrate very particular effects. She focuses on filmmakers who are working outside of the established mainstream Hollywood studio production system. There is also usage of Bertolt Brecht’s theories on new media and theatre to better understand how technologies impact performance art. The book is most interested in how artists re-invent, re-define, or re-discover the form and content of the conventional medium of film and the cinema as an institution through the use of technological innovations.

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