Schneider, Mareleyn

A History of a Jewish Burial Society: An Examination of Secularization
1991 0-7734-9950-4
This work has two subjects: a monograph dealing with one of the most ancient Jewish acts, acquiring a cemetery plot; and one of the oldest elements in the American Jewish communal structure, the burial society. It is a critique of secularization theory. Provides information on the history, role in the contemporary world, and function in a highly secular society of the Jewish burial society.

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Health Concerns of Hispanics in New York City
1991 0-7734-9852-4
The text examines the morbidity and mortality patterns of Hispanics in New York City, the most rapidly expanding group in the United States. In analyzing the health data from government sources and recent research findings, the authors illustrate the cultural values and health status of this population and how they differ from the other minorities and the general population. Because this group is at high risk for certain maladies, particular attention is paid to asthma, alcohol ingestion, perinatal conditions, AIDS, and drug abuse. The authors also provide suggestions for preventive strategies and more research. Though scholarly in intent, the book is written in laymen's terms and contains a glossary of medical terms employed in the volume.

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