Perdigó, Luisa Marina

Dr. Luisa Marina Perdigó received her Ph.D. in Spanish and Comparative Literature from the Graduate School and University Center, C.U.N.Y. She is currently a Professor at The City University of New York.

Origins of Vicente Huidobro's Creacionismo (1911-1916) and Its Evolution (1917-1947)
1995 0-7734-2299-4
A detailed study of Huidobro's early works from 1911-1916 (including El espejo de agua), delving into the leitmotifs, images, themes, rhetorical and stylistic devices. The question of literary influences is studied in a chronological framework taking into account the gradual development of his style. The sources treated here have been poorly studied or totally ignored in relation to Huidobro: the French Symbolists, the Cubists, the Spanish American Modernista Amado Nervo, the Spanish mystics Santa Teresa de Jésus and Fray Luis de León, the American Transcendentalist Emerson, and the Belgian Symbolist Georges Rodenbach.

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The Life, Poetry, and Music of the Provencal Troubadour Perdigon: Texts, Translations, and Interpretations
2013 0-7734-4523-4
There are only a select few poems by Perdigon that survive to this day. This is an amazing tour de force, in that these translations render him accessible to audiences in English and Spanish. He ranks among the finest poets in any vernacular language. This research presented in notes and descriptive analysis demonstrates the impressive range of influence he once had. This volume demonstrates through text, translation, and analyses, the poet Perdigon is an ingenious master craftsman in his own right who can afilatz, or hone, an image or a metrical device to perfection. This book reclaims Perdigon from the shadows of obscurity. This troubadour poet found a way to express the trials of the heart at war with itself, a spirit subject to love, and a sense of worth determined by the acceptance or rejection of the Beloved Lady.

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