Greene, Logan

Logan Greene is Assistant Professor in the English Department at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, where she teaches medieval literature and rhetoric. She has a master’s degree in Medieval Studies from the University of Oregon and completed her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing at the University of New Mexico.

Discourse of Hysteria: The topoi of Humility, Physicality, and Authority in Women’s Rhetoric
2009 0-7734-4843-8
This study analyzes the rhetorical strategies of five women, (Hildegard of Bingen, Margery Kempe, Aphra Behn, Sojourner Truth, and Hélène Cixous), from different historical periods. The author finds commonalities constituting a discourse of hysteria, deriving from and making productive use of women’s historical position at the margins of institutionalized power in our culture.

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