Schlee, LindaSue Francisca

About the author: Dr. LindaSue F. Schlee studied Spanish and music as an undergraduate at Central Michigan University, received her MA from the University of Hawai’i in Spanish-American literature, and her doctorate in Spanish mystical literature from Fairfax University in 1996. She was received into the Catholic Church in 1971, is a Dominican Tertiary, and has worked extensively as a musician and pastoral minister.

Meditative Study of the Mysticism of the Waters in El Castillo Interior of Santa Teresa De Jesus and El Cantico Espiritual of San Juan De La Cruz
2004 0-7734-6547-2
This study examines a key concept in the two most significant of the sixteenth-century Spanish mystical writers. Treating their writings both as literary and theological works, it reviews the Biblical, liturgical and historical roots of the symbolic and metaphorical meanings of water in Christian thought, and shows how this imagery is extended in the key writings of St. Teresa and San Juan. Finally, it situates their work in the context of Christian spirituality.

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