Iyechad, Lilli Perez

About the author: Dr. Lilli Perez Iyechad is a native of Guam. She received her PhD in social Work and Social Research from Bryn mawr College, and is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at the University of Guam.

Historical Perspective of Helping Practices Associated with Birth, Marriage and Death Among Chamorros in Guam
2000 0-7734-7677-6
Ethnographic research focuses on traditional forms of reciprocity within social networks and examines changes that have occurred as a consequence of rapid Westernization. Methods of data collection include informal interviewing, participant observation, collection of life histories, and documentation of family genealogies. Differences explored include variations between genders, across age cohorts, levels of formal education, and comprehension of the Chamorro language. With illustrations.

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