Leighton, Lauren G.

Dr. Lauren G. Leighton, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago, currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and Moscow, Russia. His previous books include Alexander Bestuzhev-Marlinsky (1975), Two Worlds, One Art: Literary Translation in Russia and America (1991), The Esoteric Tradition in Russian Romantic Literature, and The Art of Translation: Kornei Chukovsky's "A High Art" (1984, edited and translated). His Bibliography of Alexander Pushkin: Studies and Translations was published by The Edwin Mellen Press in 1999. His most recent book, a study in Russian of Russian Romantic Poetry, was recently published by Prometheus Press in Moscow.

Bibliography of Alexander Pushkin in English
1999 0-7734-8170-2
The work contains 250 items that have not appeared in previous bibliographies accordingly it has two main parts, Studies and Translations. Studies, arranged alphabetically by author, is subdivided into general and specific, with sections on verse works, drama, prose, and individual works. It also contains an interesting section on translation studies.

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Bibliography of Anton Chekhov in English
2005 0-7734-6285-6
It seems appropriate in this centennial year of the death of Russia’s premiere short story writer and playwright to honor him with a comprehensive bibliography. A Bibliography of Anton Chekhov in English: Studies, Translations, Reviews and Notes is offered in three appropriate parts.

Part One, Studies, comprises sections for book-length bio-literary studies and bio-literary articles; introductions; comparative studies; Russian and foreign memoirs; popular studies; general and individual studies of Chekhov's plays and short stories; studies of his non-fiction, letters, notes, and diaries; and special categories: film, language and stylistics, documents and documentation, translation studies, dissertations, bibliography, and collections.

Part Two, Translations, is divided into general collections, drama collections, individual dramas, story collections, individual stories; non-fiction, letters, notes, and diaries; and film.

Part Three, Critical Reviews, provides a comprehensive selection of the most significant reviews in major English-language newspapers and journals through the year 1993.

It is not possible to provide a comprehensive selection of an estimated 350,000 reviews of Chekhov plays, 1994-2003, but an attempt has been made to provide a representative sampling of reviews in major newspapers and current periodicals. Citations throughout this Bibliography are full and unabbreviated, the intent being to provide access to each work in every appropriate category without complicating the search process with confusing cross-listings. Entries for collections are accompanied by listings of contents in the order given in tables of contents or alphabetically. Entries for collections provide a base for subsequent listings of individual major works for addition of subsequent editions, reprints, and re-publications. Translations of plays are categorized by their most commonly known English titles and cited within categories by the English title given for a particular translation. English titles of stories have not been rationalized in this way because the large number of Chekhov's stories would require division of the section on individual stories into virtually hundreds of sub-sections. Instead, stories are listed in alphabetical order by the various English titles given for a particular translation.

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