Fisher, Larry

Miles Davis and David Liebman, Jazz Connections
1996 0-7734-8771-9
This is an oral history based on conversations with David Liebman about his musical career and his association with Miles Davis. Chapter One examines Liebman's background and early influences (Elvin Jones and Miles Davis). Two - information about Liebman and his band, artistic objectives, interaction with an audience; teaching and aesthetics. Three - Liebman's place in the jazz spectrum; performance style; musical and language communication; the ideal audience. Four - Lifestyles and attitudes of jazz musicians; the jazz musician as a businessman and world traveler; the student musician and careers in jazz today. Five - David Liebman on Miles Davis, May 28, 1991, a few months before Miles' death. Six - David Liebman on Miles Davis, Oct. 16, 1991, shortly after Miles' death.

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