Lowenthal, Kristi

Dr. Kristi Lowenthal received her Ph.D. in American History from Kansas State University and has taught at the United States Air Force Academy.

One Hundred Year History of Women’s Sports at the University of Nebraska. From Nineteenth- Century Victorian Physical Education to the 1972 Title IX Act
2015 1-4955-0372-0
“Lowenthal’s monograph on the rivalry between Mabel Lee and Louise Pound at the University of Nebraska, fills an important void in the current scholarship on the history of women in intercollegiate athletics and physical education. In many ways, these two women, though they took a decidedly different approach to women’s athletics, were pioneers in the area of women’s physical education.”
-Dr. Jeanne T. Heidler,
Professor of History, Chief American History Division,
United States Air Force Academy

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