Meadwell, Kenneth W.

L'avalÉe Des AvalÉs, L'hiver De Force Et Les EnfantÔmes De RÉjean Ducharme Une Fiction Mot à Mot Et Sa Littérarité
1990 0-7734-9925-3
Réjean Ducharme's novels evoke themes both constant in their nature and variable in their manifestations. Ducharme's critics, for the most part approaching his works from a thematic and mimetic perspective, ignore the aesthetic uniqueness. Since the work of the Russian formalists, the literary work has come to be perceived as a structure whose functions as well as functioning produce certain aesthetic effects. This innovative study examines the passage from mimesis to semiosis. Incorporating theories from literary as well as narrative and discursive semiotics, it analyzes the literariness ("littérarité") of the texts in relation to the "énonciation" and the "énoncé". Through this study -- important in relation to Ducharme's works but also because of its contributions to the field of literary semiotics -- the literariness of Ducharme's work is revealed with clarity and originality. In French.

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