Szatek-Tudor, Karoline

Karoline Szatek-Tudor earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is both a Shakespeare/early modern and a literature and criticism specialist who teaches at Curry College in Milton, MA.
She has also chaired conference sessions, presented papers, and participated in seminars at numerous national and international conferences, including the Modern Language Association annual convention; the biannual Blackfriars Conference; the Shakespeare Society of America; the Renaissance Society of America; the Region, Nation, and Literature Association; and the International Shakespeare Association.

Spatial Discourse in Shakespeare’s and Other English Early Modern Pastoral Drama
2015 1-4955-0418-2
This ground breaking work is a comprehensive study that applies art, dramatic, and literary theory to examine the shaping effects of negative/positive space in English Renaissance pastoral drama from 1590-1640. This innovative approach to a genre long overlooked includes both major and minor plays which are examined to show how dramatists used the theory of negative/ positive space to write and dramatize their plays.

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