Endeley, Joyce B.

Dr. Joyce Bayande Mbongo Endeley is Chair and Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Agricultural Extension Education in the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Buea, Cameroon. She is also Vice-Dean of Students Affairs and Records at the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences. Dr. Endeley received her Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension Education from the Ohio State University.

Social Impact of the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline
2007 0-7734-5485-3
Explores the concepts of globalization, gender relations, and land tenure, and the intersection of these concepts in a globalizing project, hereby represented by the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline project in selected communities in Cameroon. It questions the theories of globalization, the construction of women and men in the project, particularly as concern land resources. This work will appeal to scholars in social and management sciences, gender studies and environmental sciences in Africa, development agencies and multinational companies like the World Bank and petroleum consortiums, and policy makers.

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