King, Joseph F.

About the author: Joseph F. King holds a B.A. from St. Francis College, Brooklyn; an M.A. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York; and a Ph.D. from CUNY. He has worked in a variety of undercover assignments, and he has served as Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service, in numerous command capacities, until his retirement in 2003. He has received thirty-nine citations for bravery and meritorious conduct.

Development of Modern Police History in the United Kingdom and the United States
2004 0-7734-6402-6
This work covers the development of modern police and their history in the United Kingdom and the United States; the nationalization or centralization of the police function in the UK, the localization of police in the US and the police strikes in both countries in 1918-19 and their effects on the developing institutions. This work examines and explains the effects of the police strikes of 1918-1919 on the development and emergence of policing in both of these countries.

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