Steadman, John

In Earnest or Game: A Seriocomic Medley Verses Early or Late
1998 0-7734-2829-1
Sections include Mythologies; Satires and Lighter Verses; Meditations, East and West.

1994 0-7734-2752-X
This collection of lyrics and lyric sequences ranges in subject from the decades preceding World War II to the present. Focussing successively on various facets of European and American society and culture, it explores the complex interrelationship between art and literature, and the tension between reality and myth.

Ryoanji Temple and Other Poems
1993 0-7734-2802-X
The poems in this volume represent diverse facets of the author's responses to his travels in Europe and Asia, and to his enjoyment of classical and Renaissance literature and art.Other poems are reactions to three decades of residence in California. Recurrent themes are the interaction between art and nature, between actuality and myth, and between the "real" world and its variable (and occasionally distorted) images and reflections in the human mind -- and in the artist's own creations and re-creations.

Winter Harvest a Retrospective
1996 0-7734-2698-1
Verses arranged in five parts: Epicedia; Early Poems; Epiphanies; Period Pieces; and Themes and Variations