Kawalek, John Paul

Dr. John Paul Kawalek is Lecturer in Systems Theory, Change Management and Management Consultancy at the University of Sheffield and is also Associate Professor of the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. He earned his Ph.D. from Sheffield Hallam University. Dr. Kawalek has authored over 50 academic papers and supervises doctoral students in researching management consulting practice and related areas.

Art of Organisational Problem-Solving
2006 0-7734-5615-5
This book focuses on one of the most illusive and difficult areas of management practice – the process of ‘organizational problem-solving’. It provides a much-needed discourse in management, which links theory and practice together. Its goal is to present an holistic set of unpinning principles which integrates inquiry as a integral component of management action in practice. As such, it is a discourse which is deeply intellectual, and yet entirely pragmatic. These principles are applicable and usable in any context. As such, it provides a radically new way of seeing the discipline of management, because it provides the intellectual basis for bringing together theory and practice in a way that has never been considered before.

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