Mbaku, John Mukum

About the editor: Dr. Mbaku received his PhD in economics from the University of Georgia. He is presently a professor in the Department of Economics at Weber State University. He is the author of Instititutions and Policy Reform in Africa: The Public Choice Perspective (Praeger, 1997), Associate Editor (Africa) of Journal of Third World Studies, and President, African Educational Foundation for Public Policy and Market Process, Inc. (USA and Kenya).

Corruption and the Crisis of Institutional Reforms in Africa
1998 0-7734-8351-9
This study contains a rich mixture of analytical ideas and views, and recommends reconstruction of the neo-colonial state as an effective way to deal with this pervasive institution. It examines corruption from a public choice perspective, providing policy-makers with more effective ways to deal with this important development obstacle. Part of the book deals with corruption in colonial Africa (specific emphasis on Nigeria), a neglected area in the literature.

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