Klapper, John

Foreign-Language Learning Through Immersion Germany's Bilingual-Wing Schools
1996 0-7734-8915-0
This book is an examination of the immersion language-learning phenomenon, with particular reference to the dual language provision of Germany's bilingual-wing schools. The central section of the book explores the rationale of bilingual streams, considering such questions as subjects, methods, materials, assessment procedures and teacher training. The German approach is seen as an effective form of late partial immersion, providing considerably higher levels of foreign language proficiency than can currently be achieved within conventional language-learning structures. It further considers insights from research into bilingual education and Canadian immersion, especially with regard to the optimal age question, organizational structures, and methodology. It looks at work on course design for content-based language learning, ESP and second-language reading, discusses their relevance for 'core' foreign language classes in dual-language schools and proposes a new role for such classes, involving a supportive language learning programme.

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