Frye, John

Hampton Roads and Four Centuries as a World's Seaport Roadstead
1996 0-7734-9064-7
This is about a special seaport, where this nation's history started nearly four centuries ago, the port known from Singapore to Rotterdam to Buenos Aires to Sydney for ships and seamen, Hampton Roads. It is twenty-five miles of salted Virginia water just west of the southern end of one of the world's largest estuaries, Chesapeake Bay. It is an overview, telling of a number of representative instances and people, everything from the first Europeans venturing into the great water seeking gold or a way to Cathay, to the present day tugs, barges, and nuclear carriers leaving for crises around the world.

Price: $259.95

Los Otros - Columbus and the Three Who Made His Enterprise of the Indies Succeed
1992 0-7734-9196-1
An account of three men, without whose influence and resources Columbus' enterprise of the Indies would not have occurred. Martín Alonso Pinzón was a shipowner/navigator. His young brother Vicente Yáñez was also a navigator. Juan de la Cosa was owner of the merchantman Marigalante, to be chartered and renamed by Columbus the Santa María. The three of them had adventures, together or separately, poaching in Portuguese preserves of Atlantic Africa as far south as Guinea. These are their stories.

Price: $139.95

Seafaring in the Sixteenth Century: The Letter of Eugenio De Salazar, 1573
1991 0-7734-9880-X
Major new translation of the famous Spanish letter of Eugenio de Salazar (1573). Salazar's letter describes his voyage -- what his family, shipmates, and crew experienced and endured. An unusual look at post-Columbian, pre-Armada Spanish seafaring. Foreword (Prólogo) by José-María Martínez-Hidalgo, Retired Director, Museo Marítimo, Barcelona. Bi-lingual.

Price: $79.95