Ingulsrud, John E.

John Ingulsrud is currently Professor of English at Kyushu Lutheran College in Kumamoto, Japan, where he is also Library Director. In this capacity, he is conducting research in self-access learning. Kate Allen is currently Professor of English at Kyushu Lutheran College in Kumamoto, Japan. Her research areas include testing and portfolio assessments. In addition, she is conducting a long-range study on the reading habits of Japanese young adults. Both Ingulsrud and Allen completed their doctoral studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Recently, they serve as consultants to elementary schools in Kumamoto which are preparing to adopt a new national curriculum that includes cross-cultural studies and English.

LEARNING TO READ IN CHINA: Sociolinguistic Perspectives on the Acquisition of Literacy
1999 0-7734-7961-9
This book presents policies in language and education, and implementation in specific settings. It describes the historical background that lead to the development of these policies, and presents the institutional context of the schools where reading is taught. Based on a study conducted over four years, involving daily observation in two different elementary schools and one kindergarten in Nanjing, China, this study describes the literacy acquisition process for Chinese children today. This study is recommended for Chinese language teachers, English as a second language instructors, linguists, students of comparative education, and sociologists.

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