Dube, Jimmy G.

Dr. Jimmy G. Dube, an independant scholar and Zimbabwean contextual theologian, received his Ph.D. from Drew University. His ongoing research interests include the role of the Church in social and political contexts, church and politics and the impact of globalization in Africa. Dr. Dube has made presentations on the subjects in numerous settings.

Socio-Political Agenda for the Twenty-First Century Zimbabwean Church
2006 0-7734-5577-9
This book deals primarily with the interface between religion and politics in the public square in Africa, in general, and Zimbabwe, in particular. The thesis is that Christian religion has a huge potential of democratizing the contemporary Zimbabwean social and political space. The book argues for a contextual theology that takes into serious consideration both social and political realities in the creation of democratic spaces. In Zimbabwe, the church and the school are generally the main foci of social life of the village in most communities. The absence of a strong civil society, independent press and independent judiciary system calls for the church and the school to play important roles in the construction of a democratic social and political order. Ordinary citizens interact on almost a daily basis with these two institutions on a village level.

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