Mi, Jiayan

Dr. Jiayan Mi completed his PhDs in English, Comparative Literature and Visual Culture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of California at Davis. He is currently Assistant Professor of English, Modern Languages and Literatures at The College of New Jersey. He has published articles in both Chinese and English on visual and cinematic culture, globalization and cultural consumption, and East-West postcolonial and gender politics.

Self-Fashioning and Reflexive Modernity in Modern Chinese Poetry, 1919-1949
2004 0-7734-6309-7
This study explores diverse modes of self-fashioning in the discursive formation of Chinese modernity between 1919 and 1949 in modern Chinese poetry. By focusing on four representative poets of modern Chinese poetry before 1949—Guo Moruo, Li Jinfa, Dai Wangshu, and Mu Dan, the study offers fresh, insightful analysis of the dynamic trajectory of the historical complexity of fashioning a new modern self-subjectivity with relation to the nation-state. Theoretically informed by the varied perspectives of modernity, the self, the body, and memory, the author for the first time reveals how the corporeal body emerges as a site of agency, trauma, and libidinal investment for engaging with the configuration of a multi-layered self, gender, and nationhood in modern China. This work will make several significant contributions to enhancing readers’ understanding of the cultural and psychological complexity of modern China. This work will be of interest to teachers, students and scholars of modern Chinese literature and culture as well as comparative literature.

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