Wu, Jiahua

Dr. Jiahua Wu studied architecture in the Department of Architecture at Tongji University, was awarded Master Degree at Nanjing Institute of Technology and Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield. He taught architecture at Nanjing Institute of Technology and the Department of Environmental Design of China Academy of Art. He is a full professor in architecture at the College of Architecture & Civil Engineering at Shenzhen University. Professor Wu has been involving in the study of architectural theory and practice for years.

Comparative Study of Landscape Aesthetics
1995 0-7734-9131-7
To link theory with practice, the relationship between landscape both painted and designed, and aesthetic thinking are discussed. The discussion develops with reference to the historical, cultural, philosophical and technical contexts of both East and West. Central objects of the study are key issues such as Romanticism of the English school and Tao in Chinese landscape. This systematic study of the language system of landscape art, design and education is of high value in the area of environmental development, which substantially links theory with environmental art and design, and foreshadows the future of landscape aesthetic research.

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