Eisenhour, Jerry

About the author: Jerry Eisenhour has studied American dramatic literature, theatre history, and theatrical production since he was a teenager. He has presented papers in these areas and has directed and acted in a number of American classics. He taught English and theatre at Williams Woods College and graduate and undergraduate theatre at the University of Iowa. He now teaches theatre history, literature, and criticism, as well as a variety of acting and directing courses, at Eastern Illinois University

Joe Leblang’s Cut-Rate Ticket Empire and the Broadway Theatre, 1894-1931
2003 0-7734-6616-9
This book is the only full-length study of a ticket agent, his business methods, and his contributions to the Broadway theatre. It contains elements of biography, economic history of the American stage, and insights into the relationship between Broadway producers and the people who sold the tickets to their attractions. This study recounts a number of then-famous battles between powerful producers and the ticket agencies, filling in several blank spots in the records. It sets the scene for readers not familiar with the period by giving ample background, and then traces the growth and development of Joe Leblang’s agency, information previously available only in snippets buried in newspapers and magazines. Leblang’s agency exerted so potent a force on the Broadway theatre that the period would not have been the same had his agency not existed.

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