Baron, Jeremy Hugh

Dr. Jeremy Hugh Baron trained as a physician-scientist-scholar in Oxford, London and New York, leading to clinical and academic positions in university hospitals in London. He is the author of numerous books and articles in his biomedical field. Since 1996, Dr. Baron has held honorary posts as professorial lecturer at Mount Sinai school of medicine of New York University, and senior lecturer at Imperial College, London. His current interests include bioethics and social responsibility.

THE ANGLO-AMERICAN BIOMEDICAL ANTECEDENTS OF NAZI CRIMES An Historical Analysis of Racism, Nationalism, Eugenics and Genocide
2007 0-7734-5502-7
This study seeks to trace the development and implementation of the various Nazi crimes in Europe and to analyze these crimes in relation to certain antecedents prevalent in modern American and British history. By tracing the development and implementation of racism, romantic nationalism, and positive and negative eugenics in the history of these three nations, the author is able to demonstrate the lack of novelty in Nazi actions. Most chapters begin by considering British and American concepts relating to individual Nazi crimes before moving on to illustrate the particular developments in Germany that led to the grotesque reality of the Holocaust.

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