Langan, Jeffrey

Dr. Jeffrey Langan is an Associate Professor at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame. He completed his Ph.D at the University of Notre Dame and is currently the chair of the Liberal Studies Department.

Influence of the French Revolution on the Lives and Thought of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Immanuel Kant, and Pius VI. The End of Conservatism
2012 0-7734-2645-0
Langan discusses the French Revolution from a variety of perspectives given by influential thinkers of the late 18th century. His thesis is that conservatism was forever changed by the French Revolution, and that conservatism’s modern origins are in direct response to the revolution and its ideals as they were critically examined by Edmund Burke. As Langan argues, conservatives tend to adopt intellectual categories which if taken to their natural conclusions lead to liberal results.

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